The Kids Say Thanks!

23 May

Just when we thought our SXSW adventure was totally behind us, we got a great package in the mail yesterday! Teresa Fleak used her donations to purchase supplies and new learning games for her kindergarten class at Tom Joy Elementary. Looks like the kids liked them because they drew the Music City Geeks a whole stack of Thank You art! We don’t have a refrigerator big enough to display them all, so we figured we put them here and share them with everyone.

Thanks, kids, for your beautiful art and letting us be a part of your class!

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Road Trip Welcome Party

22 May

Video of Our First Classroom Visit: Teresa Fleak

15 Mar

Chevy’s theme for this year’s road tip was inspiration and innovation. When we visited Teresa Fleak and she told us about her teaching style and about what she did for the kid’s art project, we were floored. It was like she read Chevy’s collective minds. Check out the video, and then click her banner on the right of the screen to help support her classroom!

SQUEEE! We Interviewed Joss Whedon!

10 Mar

As Brenda and I were walking past the Parmount Cinema, she looked over and saw Joss Whedon getting interviewed by the press for the premier of “The Cabin In The Woods”. We jumped in line and started snapping our own pictures of him answering questions for Fandango, MTV, and others. Just as he was about to enter the theater he approached us and was great enough to let us ask him a couple of questions!

Do the Letter Pop!

9 Mar

By popular demand, here is the video of Ray dancing LETTER POP with Mrs. Fleak’s awesome kindergarten class. This song has been running through my head every day since!

Yes…We ARE There Yet!

8 Mar

Music City Geeks Have Class with Karen Fry

8 Mar

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Thanks for staying after school for us, Karen, and thanks for the great art! You have some very talented kids in your bunch!